Accountability month of April-2014 @ Government of Santa Cruz Canton
Apr 30 all-day
Rendición de cuentas mes de Abril-2014 @ Gobierno del Cantón Santa Cruz | Puerto Ayora | Islas Galápagos | Ecuador

Accountability requires that the actions and decisions of public authorities are justified.

Accountability is interpreted as "the legal and ethical obligation, having a ruler to ruled inform and explain how you used the resources that were given by the people to use them to benefit the people and not for the benefit of those in power ".

Accountability of Public Administration is a space for dialogue between public officials and citizens; aims to create transparency, conditions of trust between government and citizens and guarantee the exercise of social control to government; input also serving to adjust projects and action plans for implementation.

The main objectives of accountability are:

  • Strengthen the sense of public.
  • Regain legitimacy for state institutions.
  • Facilitate the exercise of social control of public management.
  • Contribute to the development of constitutional principles of transparency, responsibility, effectiveness, efficiency and fairness and public participation in the management of public resources.
  • Be a forum for direct dialogue between public officials and citizens, transcending the scheme that this is just a passive recipient of management reports.
  • Serve as an input to adjust projects and action plans so that it responds to the needs and demands of the community.
Launch Pag. Web GADMSC @ GADMSC
May 6 @ 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm

In an effort to provide more information and facilities for users, GADMSC initiates the process of improving their virtual tools, first stage involves the launching of its new virtual space, characterized by being more proactive and provide more and better information of interest on the public administration and the work of the Institution.