Organic Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information

En este espacio usted encontrará toda la información referente al cumplimiento de lo dispuesto en la Ley Orgánica de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública y sus reglamentos por parte del Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado Municipal de Santa Cruz.

According to Art. 7. Warranty on Access to Information of General Regulation to the Organic Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information (LOTAIP), in which references to the exercise of the right is the free access to public information by citizens and compliance required by law to provide public information public and private institutions; and, receiving the annual reports to be submitted by institutions subject to this regulation, with the content specified in the law.

Literal a1) Organigrama de la institución

• Literal a2) base legal que rige a la institución

literal a3) regulaciones y procedimientos internos

• Literal a4) metas y objetivos unidades administrativas

Literal b1) Board of Executive Directors

Directory to December,es 2019

Literal b2) Distributivo de personal

Literal c) Monthly remuneration per post

• Literal d) Servicios que ofrece y las formas de acceder a ellos

• Literal e) Full text of all current collective agreements

• Literal f1) formularios o formatos de solicitudes

• Literal f2) formulario solicitud acceso información publica

Literal g) Presupuesto de la institución

Literal g) Presupuesto de la institución

• Literal h) Results of internal audits and government

Literal i) Procurement Processes
- Literal i) Procesos de Contrataciones anual

• Literal j) Companies and individuals who have breached contracts

• Literal k) Plans and programs running

Literal l) Contratos de crédito externos o internos

Literal m) Mechanisms of accountability to citizens

Literal n) Viatical, informes de trabajo y justificativos

Literal o) Responsable de atender la información pública

• Literal q) Texto íntegro de las resoluciones

• Literal s) sectional organizations, resolutions, actas y planes de desarrollo


Art. 19.- De la Solicitud y sus Requisitos.- The data subject to access public information rests, manage or produce legal persons of public law and other entities referred to in Article 1 of this Act, you must do so by written request to the head of the institution.

This request shall state clearly identify the applicant and the location of the data or reason for the request topics, la cual será contestada en el plazo señalado en el artículo 9 of this Act.

Art. 20.- Limits Advertising Information.- The request for access to information does not imply the obligation for institutions of public administration and other entities mentioned in article 1 of this Act, creating produce information, with whom do not have or are not required to tell the time of making the request. In this case, the institution or entity, be notified in writing that the rejection of the application due to the lack of data in its possession, regarding the information requested. This Act also empowers the petitioners to require the entities performing evaluations or analysis of information held, except those for their institutional goals should produce.

No information production means, a la recopilación o compilación de información que estuviese dispersa en los diversos departamentos o áreas de la institución, for purposes of providing summaries, statistical figures or indices requested by users.