National anthem
of Ecuador

Letter: Juan Leon Mera
Music: Antonio Neumane
Year: 1845


Salve Oh Patria, A thousand times!
Oh Patria! Gloria! Gloria!
Since your chest, Your breast overflows.
Joy and peace, and your chest is full;
and your forehead, you forward radiant,
more than the sun shine.
And your face, you forward radiant,
more than the sun shine.


Indignados your children from the yoke
Take daring imposed Iberian,
the unjust and horrendous misfortune
fatal weighed about you,
santa voice lifted to the heavens,
noble voice and unparalleled oath,
de vengarte of monstruo sangriento,
to break the yoke of bondage.


The sons of the soil
that, superb; Pichincha decorates
I always cheered by Mrs.
and shed their blood for you.
God observed and accepted the Holocaust,
and that blood was the prolific seed
other heroes, thunderstruck, world
saw thousands around you emerge.


Of these heroes iron arm
nothing was invincible land,
and the valley to the high sierra
the heat of the lid was heard;
After the combat the victoria volaba,
freedom after the victory came,
and the lion was heard broken
Roar of helplessness and despair.


He finally gave the Spanish fierceness,
and today, oh Patria, Your free existence
is the noble and magnificent heritage
we gave, Happy heroism;
hands of fathers hubimos,
anyone try arrancárnosla now,
excite our anger or vengeful
want, necio the daring, against itself.


No one, oh Patria, try. Shadows
your glorious heroes watch us,
and the value and pride that inspire
are omens of triumphs for you.
Come iron and lead fulmineo,
the idea that war, and revenge
awakens the heroic strength
did succumb to fierce Spanish.


And if new chains prepared
Luckily barbarous injustice,
great Pichincha! you foresee death
homeland and their children at the end;
Point sinks deep into your bowels
that exists in your land: the tyrant
treads only ashes and vainly
look for traces of being with you.